Ohio State University Extension is the outreach portion of The Ohio State University with local offices in each of Ohio's 88 counties. The Miami County Office offers diverse information, resources, and programming for our citizens to better their lives, businesses, and communities.

Our goal is to help improve and strengthen the lives of Ohio’s citizens by starting right here in Miami County. We have practical advice, sensible solutions, and ongoing programs to your questions about everything from adolescents to zinnias. We are here to serve the residents of Miami County in every way possible, whether you live on a farm or in the city, whether you are young or not so young, and no matter your cultural heritage!

No matter your question or your need, we likely have an answer or at the very least, know the source to get the most accurate and reliable solution.

Take some time to explore our major program areas: 4-H & Youth Development (everything youth), Family & Consumer Sciences (everything home, family, and nutrition), Community Development (everything neighborhood), and Agriculture (everything gardening, landscaping, developing, and crops). We are sure that you will find useful information and resources.


A large portion of the funding for the Miami County OSU Extension is supplied by Miami County, through the Miami County Commissioners. As a department of the County Commissioners, the Commissioners offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure the vitality of this local resource.

Miami County Commissioners

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    Ted S. Mercer





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The Ohio State University Miami County Extension Service is a member of these professional organizations: