Project Pride Day

Youth enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences and Miscellaneous 4-H projects have their projects evaluated at Project Pride Day (PPD).  For 2020, PPD has gone virtual! 

2020 Project Pride Day Results


Project Work

An important component of a member’s 4-H experience is project work.  For complete descriptions of Ohio 4-H projects and the publications that support them, please refer to the Ohio 4-H Family Guide or to Ohio 4-H Project Central (an interactive web site that includes sample pages, ratings, and comments).

A 4-H project is made up of three types of activities:

  • Hand-on Activities: making, producing, selling, practicing, observing, testing, interviewing, etc.
  • Organized Activities: demonstrations, speeches, workshops, camps, county judging, project activities, exhibits, etc.
  • Leadership/Citizenship Activities: conducting, planning, teaching, assisting, informing, organizing, etc.

There are two ways to take a project – either as an individual project or as a group project. Members who complete their projects as planned can receive on of Ohio’s 4-H Project Achievement Certificates. These are awarded based on the level of difficulty of the projects as listed in the Family Guide: beginning, intermediate and advanced. There is also a special certificate available if members plan and complete a self-determined project.

When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start your project, and what is available to help you complete it. It is best to select no more than two projects as a first-year member.

Project Binders

Not sure what type of projects 4-H has to offer? The Extension Office now has binders featuring each of our 4-H projects. They are grouped by category. This can be a helpful tool for clubs with members who aren't sure what their next projects should be.

Binders can be checked out for a 1 week period with a $5 deposit per binder. Once binders are checked in, the deposit will be returned.

  • Advisors - feel free to check the binders out and take them to your next club meeting!
  • Members - if you're having trouble deciding which project(s) to do, check out a binder and take a look at what 4-H has to offer!
  • Parents - if you're wondering about all of the projects available for your child to take, browse through the binders to see what's available!