Level 2 Food Safety Training: Online course and proctored exam


The Ohio Department of Health is now requiring all Food Service facilities licensed at a Risk Level 2 or higher to have at least one staff member who has completed an ODH-approved Level 2 Food Safety training. The deadline to meet this requirement was March 2017. OSU Extension has partnered with TAP (Training Achievement Program) Series to offer an on-line version of Level 2 Food Safety Training, which meets all the ODH requirements. You can complete the online course at your own speed and at a time that works for your schedule. Then, once the training is completed, you will take an in-person proctored certification exam at the OSU Extension, Miami County office.

Exam Dates:  July 25 -  1:30 to 3:30 pm; August 30 - 2 noon to 2 pm

*You will need to register for each exam session at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. The online training will take you approximately that amount of time to complete so we have set our registration deadlines accordingly.

Sign up today! Contact Alisha Barton at barton.345@osu.edu or 937-440-3945 to register or for more information.